Dr Cristiana Papahagi

Dr Cristiana Papahagi is an associate professor of French language and literature, and chair of the Romance languages department.

Cristiana has obtained her BA, MA and PhD in French linguistics from the Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle.

She also taught at the Université de Lille III, and was a postdoctoral fellow of the New Europe College-Bucharest.

Research interests and publications:

Cristiana Papahagi’s main research interest is in diachronic linguistics.

As a specialist of Old French, she published an edition and Romanian translation of the epic Chançun d’Guillame, transmitted by a single twelfth-century manuscript (London, BL Add. MS 38663).

She also contributed to the Romanian version of the Vocabulaire codicologique, published by the members of the CODEX centre.

Her publications include:

Cântarea despre Guillaume (ediţie bilingvă), tr. and ed. by Cristiana Papahagi (Biblioteca medievală), Iași: Polirom, 2019.

‘Gallice, romanz ou franceis ? À propos d’une guerre d’autorité(s) au Moyen-Âge’, in C. Papahagi, V. Manole (ed.), Romania contexta : Autorité/Auctorialité en discours 2, Cluj; Academia română – Centrul de studii transilvane, 2018, 103-114.

‘Le Vocabulaire codicologique en roumain’, Chora 11 (2013), 265-272. (with Adrian Papahagi).

Adrian Papahagi, Cristiana Papahagi, Adinel-Ciprian Dincă, Andreea Mârza, Vocabularul cărții manuscrise, Bucharest: Editura Academiei Române, 2013.

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