Iulia Székely

Iulia Székely obtained a BA in philology from the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj, and an MPhil in medieval philosophy from the University of Paris I.

She is an ‘archiviste-paléographe’ of the École Nationale des Chartes, where she is currently preparing a PhD.

Research interests and publications

Iulia Székely edited and published three new commentaries on the ‘Liber de causis’, each of them accompanied by a study of the historical context and the doctrine. In her thesis for the École des Chartes, she edited twelve unknown 15th-century questiones disputatae composed in Hussite Bohemia between 1400 and 1417.

She is currently involved in an ERC project on Neoplatonism at UCD Dublin.

As a student at the École Nationale des Chartes, Iulia Székely attended a wide range of courses, specialising in the study of medieval Latin manuscripts (paleography, codicology, critical edition of texts, medieval Latin, history of manuscripts and printed books, cataloguing manuscripts and early printed books, medieval diplomatics, etc.).

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