‘Anglo-Saxon and Alemannic Traditions of Boethius’ at Oxford/UCL

On May 25th, 2021, Adrian Papahagi will give a paper on ‘Anglo-Saxon and Alemannic traditions of Boethius’s De Consolatione Philosophiae’ at an online symposium organised by the University of Oxford and University College London.

Full programme:

Rethinking English Literary Culture in the Age of Alfred: An Online Symposium

Monday April 26th
10.00 GMT (=11.00 British Summer Time), second screening 18.00 GMT (=19.00 British Summer Time)
Keynote: Malcolm Godden, ‘Why Did the English Switch from Verse to Prose?’

11.30 GMT (=12.30 BST), second screening 19.30 GMT (20.30 BST) – will follow on from the recording of the keynote
Christine Rauer, ‘Old English Prose before Alfred: The Mercian Dimension’
Susan Irvine, ‘Decorum and the Idea of an English Aureate Style in the Dialogues

David Johnson, ‘Eschatology in the Old English Dialogues

Wednesday April 28th, 10.00 GMT (=11.00 BST), second screening 18.00 GMT (=19.00 BST)
Daniel Anlezark, ‘The Old English Pastoral Care: Assessing the Evidence’
Greg Waite, ‘The Old English Bede: Some Reflections on Origins and Text’

Georgina Pitt, ‘Vibrant Matter: The Persuasive Agency of the Alfred Jewel’

Tuesday May 25th, 16.00 GMT (=17.00 BST), second screening Wednesday May 26th, 09.00 GMT (=10.00 BST)
Adrian Papahagi, ‘Anglo-Saxon and Alemannic Traditions of Boethius’s De Consolatione Philosophiae

Karmen Lenz, ‘Refrains and Frame Lines: Patterns in Sung Verse in the Consolatio and the Old English Boethius
Robert Gallagher, ‘Rethinking Latin in the Age of Alfred’

Tuesday June 29th, 17.00 GMT (=18.00 BST), second screening Wednesday June 30th, 09.00 GMT (10.00 BST)
Michael Treschow, ‘Ease and Unease in the Old English Boethius and Soliloquies
Erica Weaver, ‘Naked Thought: Touching Wisdom in the Old English Soliloquies’ Leslie Lockett, ‘The Old English Soliloquies and Scholarship in the Reign of Athelstan’

Tuesday September 28th, 17.00 GMT (=18.00 BST), second screening Wednesday September 29th, 09.00 GMT (=10.00 BST)
Jane Toswell, ‘The Psalms in the Ninth Century’
Emily Butler, ‘Reading the Prose Psalms in an Age of Populism’

Stephanie Clark, ‘Alfred and the Economics of Personhood’

Tuesday October 12th 17.00 GMT (=18.00), second screening Wednesday October 13th, 09.00 GMT (=10.00 BST)
Emily Kesling, ‘Writing-in Alfred in Tenth-Century Winchester’
Rosalind Love, ‘Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 206 and its Implications’

Tuesday October 26th, 15.00 GMT (= 16.00 BST), second screening Wednesday October 27th, 09.00 GMT (=10.00 BST)
Omar Khalaf, ‘Ælfred se casere: Kingship and Imperial Legitimation in the Old English Orosius

Hal Momma, ‘Monarchy, the Three Estates, and Beer: Alfred and Alfredian Political Philosophy’

Tuesday November 16th, 17.00 GMT (second screening Wednesday November 17th, 09.00 GMT)
Courtnay Konshuh, ‘The Compilation of MS A: An Exemplar Revised’
Anya Adair, ‘King Alfred’s Domboc and the Invention of English Legal Time’

Tomás Kalmar, ‘Si recte non dividas, peccas: On the coherence of Asser’s final chapters’

Tuesday November 30th, 17.00 GMT (second screening Wednesday December 1st, 09.00 GMT)
Nicole Discenza, ‘Alfredian geographies’
Elizabeth Tyler and Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, ‘Looking East and West: Contextualising Vernacular Writing in Alfred’s Time’ [double paper]

Tuesday December 7th 17.00 GMT (second screening Wednesday December 8th, 09.00 GMT)
Mercedes Salvador-Bello, ‘The Exeter Book and the Transmission of Poetic Anthologies in the (Post-)Alfredian Period’

Helen Appleton, ‘The Proverbs of Alfred and Legacies of Educational Reform’

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