4 Nov. 2021: Christine Jakobi-Mirwald Conference

On Thursday, 4 November 2021, from 4 pm (Romanian time), CODEX organised a conference by:

Dr Christine Jakobi-Mirwald

‘Lost in Translation’: Speaking about Medieval Manuscripts

The conference was broadcast live on Zoom.

Christine Jakobi-Mirwald studied art history, French and Italian in Munich, and has a PhD in art history and manuscript studies from the University of Kassel. Her publications include: Das mittelalterliche Buch. Funktion und Ausstattung, Stuttgart: Reclam, 2004; Text – Buchstabe – Bild. Studien zur Entstehung der historisierten Initiale im 8. und 9. Jahrhundert, Berlin: Reimer, 1998; Buchmalerei. Ihre Terminologie in der Kunstgeschichte, Berlin: Reimer, 2nd edn 1997.

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